Commercial Estimates

So I know many people charge different prices for various reasons. I just need to know what you guys charge for a 2000 sq ft parking lot. It has moderate gum but I can handle that. This is a commercial restraunt that I’m submitting an estimate on. I’ll add all other expenses on later. Thanks for the help

Is it concrete?

@Clean1 I’m sorry I should of stated that. Yes it is.

Don’t be sorry. I’m not you’re daddy. Jk. But seriously though. I’d charge between 500-800 depending on wether or not I’ll need to reclaim.

@Clean1, where do you live. I’m moving, lol. That’s a $300-350 job here unless a lot of gum.


I’m in coastal California where window cleaning is unneccesarily cheap and pressure washing is a mini gold rush. There’s not much “real” competition in the area and reclaiming is no joke around here. I’ve had security guards who take there job way too serious question me about runoff before.

Edit: not too say that there’s no good contractors around here but its definitely not like it is in the South.

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@racer I meant to directly reply to you. Too many arrows on my screen.

So it’s actually 6,000 sq ft. I’m thinking about bidding it at $1,450. It’s my first job and not real confident on what to charge any help is appreciated

That’s only like 2hrs at most depending on circumstances.

@EDM95 does the price sound reasonable??

Hey bud. I’m kinda new in the game, I was curious what setup do you have that you can do 6000 sq ft that fast? I just ordered a 8gpm unit so lm trying to estimate how long it will take me to do some jobs.

I was also going to ask how to price a commercial concrete job, I have a 32000 square feet convenience store,with gas pumps and the gum and dirt wondering how to price it?

8gpm gx690. With a 24” ground force. Heavy post treat.

Gum is what takes long surface cleaning is the easy part.

Yes that’s right

What should I charge?

Whatever you need to to make a decent profit I can’t answer that for you.

That’s why I didn’t have any idea because I’ve never did anything like this, so I didn’t know how long it was going to take me.

There are a lot of variables involved when it comes down to it so nobody can give a definite answer and no way to tell without seeing it. It depends on how much gum, how many oil stains, do you have to reclaim, your location, etc. Prices vary so much around the country. Try and practice on a driveway and time yourself. Then think about how much longer all of the gum and oil stains will take you and add that to your time. That should at least get you somewhat close.

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Ok that will give me an idea,I have alot to practice on thanks!