Commercial Clients...Let's go get em!

Hello all…I posted earlier today in the new members section, and if you want to know about my story you can read it there…this post will be more about what my organization does and how we work with pressure washers.

First-we only work with ONE pressure washer in a market. Second-we offer a money back GUARANTEE with our results.

What do you have to do? Sell.

But how do you get to that point? How do you get your name out so folks KNOW who you are and know WHY they want to work with you? You develop a relationship. This can be done word of mouth…but real, sustainable growth will require you to get out to those that have NEVER heard of you before.

But how? Call them?..You dont have enough time. Sales people call out? Sure…but they will give up. It takes almost 7 touches to develop top of mind awareness…and most salespeople give up at 3.

This is where we come in. We have a metric driven process that will guarantee that your prospects will go 100% of the way through the sales process. NOBODY falls out.

How? We put 100 new businesses through our process every month. Imagine 100 “good fit” businesses that KNOW who you are AND what YOU do knowing your name. Multiply that out over a course of a year.

Our “Perfekt Prospektor” program is the answer. It fills the gap of activity that is flat out not happening. Calling potential clients, collecting data, developing relationships, and setting appointments.

Ideally what I would like to do with those that want more information is set up a conference call & webinar to walk you through the details of the program and what an exclusive relationship would look like with us in your market.

Like I said in my intro thread…this will be my only “solicitation” post…but am mainly here to learn and help if folks have questions. We are dang good at what we do…and I would like the chance to show you.

My contact info is in my signature.(Or PM me) I would be glad to answer any questions you may have in the thread!



Hi Jeremy–So give us the juice. Who and what do you have in this Industry to back up your claim above? Anyone we know who can vouch for what you saying so this doesn’t just seem like a Spam post?

Not trying to be hard on ya but most of us in this Industry want something solid that can back up what it is people who are trying to sell us something.

So what do you have?

I would be interested in hearing more


No Spam here!!! Gone over the weekend…

PM Me for details…I have a great reference. But like you he is a business owner,(Bio Clean Outfit here in Saint Louis) and I only give his information when folks are wanting to move forward and its the last step of the “vetting process.” This does not mean he is credible, but like you all-he is busy and if he is going to field calls I would like it to be from non “tire kickers.”

So if you would like to set up time to dive deeper…I will only need about 30 minutes or so to walk through the process.

Send me a PM and we can set aside some time…

No spam here…Im in sales…not here to waste your time! If you would like to know more PM me and we can set aside some time.


Hey all…just want to take this to the top! 235 views and no questions? Anyone want to grow commercially? :slight_smile:

I prefer residential.

Yes always. Good commercial work is repeat and keeps us busy for fill in work between our residential season. Our biggest jobs by far is Commercial work. Our last commercial job took one full month this summer which was great. Have to get my business partner who’s the majority owner of my business to look into this because this is her end… She also happens to be my wife;)

Hey that sounds great…whats your website? And can I check your google places page for some reviews? What’s your business name and address? How long have you done pressure washing sales? Do you know what soft washing is? How much insurance should a commercial cleaner have? Can you drop more than one name? Why should I take the time to vet you when you won’t take the time to do it for me and close the sale with me? There’s some questions

Check out Bidslot. They are a Pwra affiliate. April Dodson runs it. She was at the convention last weekend. I am using their answer service and will look into the sales side. Basically it is what this guy does but from an industry known company. Not knocking this guy, but keep it in our association and everyone wins.


I’m not going to tolerate being vague and mysterious. Your next post better have your company info in it and it placed in your signature and I want a detailed post about who you are and what you do, or I will delete this entire post and ban you. This is your warning.

Bidslot, all the way!


Abstrakt Marketing Group |
Prospekt Business Development Plan - YouTube

What is this process and what do we do?

We team up with only one pressure washer in a market. Our client will define what an ideal target is for there commercial offering. We then build a database around that information.

From there we begin our process by placing 100 new businesses into our qualification stage. We call them, ask questions, determine if they are a good fit, as well as who the decision maker is. While this is taking place we are also asking some information to gain valuable marketing information. (Who do they use currently? Are they happy? etc…anything our client would like to know)

We only move forward from this point once we determine the company is a good fit and we know who the decision maker is. When those two pieces of information are figured out, we then move into our sales development phase where we are moving to determine now if the timing is right for our client to meet with the prospect. If it is-it turns into an appointment. If not-we nurture every single prospect 100% of the way through the process indefinitely. Building relationships, gaining marketing info, and maintaining top of mind awareness.

Appointments- We guarantee that we will set a minimum of 10 appointments a month. Most of the power washers we have average about 13-15…but if we dont hit 10, we will write a check back to you for your monthly fee. What is an appointment? A date and time face to face meeting with a decision maker at a “good fit” company. (Based on your criteria) ALL appointments include a call recording of your business growth manager setting the appointment, all data collected to date on the prospect, a hand-written thank you/save the date card, as well as email reminders sent to both you and the prospect.

Each of our clients are assigned an Inside Sales Manager. This person is your point of contact for Abstrakt. They are a direct manager over your BGM, and your ISM will meet with you at a minimum of twice a month to calibrate the program. One meeting is in the middle of the month (a temperature check to see how things are going) and then at the end of the month for a comprehensive monthly review. We will make adjustments to the program as you see fit, but will also inform you on things folks have been saying as well as letting you know where we have had particular success. This could influence how we launch into the next month…and these conversations are vital to the success of the program.

Like I said. I am not a spammer.

Do I know what soft washing is? Not entirely. I am learning. I am on the UMACC, PWI, PWNA (Looking to sponsor the trad show in OCT), and I have been talking with Ron Musgraves from PWI consistently.

Why do I only have 1 reference? Because we do not even broach the subject with our clients until we have been working with them successfully for 6 months. He started with us back in October of last year…and since December has closed over $100,000 in business from our appointments. Including ALL of the McDonalds distributors in the US. And as this is a new focus, we do not have more than one.

Below is what you can expect every month from the program:

Prospekt Setup (Initial 30 days):
• Market research and build database
• Setup system of automated touches
• Setup 800 number
• Setup email process
• Build monthly reports
• Develop Call Guide
• Develop emails: Intro 1+2+3, Wait, No Response, Not Interested, Nurture 1+2+3, Lead Development, Appointment Confirmations
• Set up Surveys
• Set up Quarterly Newsletter
• Set up Save the Date process
• Train Sales Team

Program Execution (After initial 30 days)
• 100+ targets added to process monthly
• 500+calls monthly (Cleansing, Introduction, and Nurture)
• 10 Appointment Guarantee
• Fulfill emails and surveys within process
• Detailed appointment track
• Record and review calls for quality control
• Monthly reporting
• 2 Blogs per month – Posted to Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn if available.
• Quarterly Newsletter
• Dedicated account management
• Exclusive Territory: (Define with specific Cities, Counties, or Zip Codes)

That is what I have. I will make my profile here look like the ones on the other sites. My apologies for not having done so already.

No-I will not put price on the site. If this is a deal breaker-that is ok with me. I want to have conversations…I am a salesperson, I want to earn your business. The price is ultimately dependent on how much activity our clients like…and we can customize plans accordingly. The above activity levels are our minimums…

If there are any further questions…let me know.

Abstrakt Marketing Group |

My only question is why did you have to spell your company name all janky?

LOL…we are a Marketing & Business Development Company…I guess we needed to set ourselves apart. :slight_smile:

Oops, you lost me at Ron Musgraves…

Well shoot…seems like its up hill over here :wink:

Sounds good John, would any one time be better than another for me to call you/your wife?