Commercial cleaning in Dallas

Is there anyone in Dallas, tx that can lend a hand on a HUGE commercial post construction cleanup project? Soaft washing freshly erected structural steel and a new concrete slab. It’s just a rinse off, no sh or anything. It’s about 250,000 square foot of work. The want to start in 3 weeks, and it has to be done on a weekend. I’ll have to have multiple crews to get it done.

I’m in the area. haven’t done any commercial or post-construction work YET but i just got accepted for a $4k bid on a small parking lot for tire marks. if you think we could both benefit from this let me know. i got a partner that can come as well, we’re both very motivated workers.

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Message me your contact info. This job is really easy, but its big. I’ll be putting in the bid Friday

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I wouldn’t put too many details on here. There are lurkers who are more than happy to bid against you once they figure out the project / location.


Get you a good backpack blower and blow it first. The time you save will more than pay for the blower. Even a light coat of dust and dirt can be a real pain when you start talking that size.


All good advice. Just a heads up to the lurkers, If anyone wants to bid, they’ll have to get it in by Friday!
I’m sure I won’t be the sole bidder. Well see what happens.