Commercial Bid opportunity


I wanted to get some insight and opinions on a bid opportunity out here in California. The job entails 4 plazas which consist of approx. 250,000 sq ft. of sidewalks. **
Twice** a month. With that they had some extra requirements which is listed below.

  • Hot water machine
  • Wipe down of windows if over spray occurs
  • clean trash receptacles
  • Wash columns
  • Only from 1-7 am

For transparency I charged around .125/ sq.ft each time (2x per month) which equates to $56,000 a month. After finding out the total I knew I probably wouldn’t have gotten it which I got the confirmation today. Supposedly the leading bid came around $8000 per month. My questions are as followed;

  • How much would you charge in your area for commercial?
  • Are commercial jobs just a spray down of chemical and rinse with the wand and move on?
  • Are periodically jobs charged cheaper? (assuming it is not as dirty as the first time)
  • Is the customer asking too much for so little? (in terms of requirements)

Moving forward I do want to get into commercial work, but I don’t want it anywhere for that price given the challenges that I would have getting water, reclaiming it and having such a limited time frame around 6 hours a night.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you

I’m no commercial guru, but 3 cents a foot, overnight, with reclaim…nope. But then I wouldn’t do it for your price either, lol.

How long will it take you to do it? What’s your cost per day/hour, overnight premium? What the heck goes on that they want them done 2x a month? Twice a year would raise my eyebrows to ask some questions…

Man I think you’ll actually lose money at that rate after all the fuel and expensive equipment needed is written off.

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I never turn down commercial bids, I just quote them at prices where I’ll be happy to take the job and that’s pretty much the same thing as turning them down. Hasn’t failed me yet. Also, California seems to be it’s own planet so it’s difficult to compare to how things are handled on Earth. At 1/7 your price, let someone else deal with it & take advantage of the free time. Free time is gold, keep that in mind. Just my 2 cents.

I am some interested in seeing their set up to run that that kind of sqft in 6 hours, for $4k a night. It has to be impressive. Like golf carts with dual head surface cleaners kind of stuff. You are probably luck in the long run. As for the price, I just landed a small commercial job at 8000 sqft for .25 per. They didn’t even blink an eye. It is in cali also. This place is not that bad, like hot water with a coupe spot treatments kind of clean. But, hell gas and diesel is going to be over $6 a gallon by the time I get to it. So I will find a way to loss money!

Yes, even is they have the set up and experience just seems impractical to do all that work at that price. Was just thinking they would just wet the sidewalk and leave.

It would have been 4 plazas 2 times a week. I was thinking of doing 2 one week and the other 2 the next to alternate. Yes, it was for a 3 year contract and the requirements seem a bit too picky. That’s awesome yeah hopefully it doesn’t get too crazy.

Each of the location would vary but 2 locations are nearly the same sqft which comes to 56,000 sqft. It’ll would have taken 4/5 days to be quite frank for one location with traditional surface cleaning. I didn’t breakdown the cost exactly just went what i would have charge residential which makes sense. I’m thinking they just want a spraydown and move on.