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Hey all. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!My question is I am starting up legitimate first week of January. Have already been practicing on friends’ houses here in Florida. I have everything ready to go except my insurance, which my wife got a quote last week for i think around 1600 for GL but we are waiting till tomorrow so we can ask a few more questions (CCC). My main question now is do i need commercial on my pickup??I am going to be an LLC one-man band with the wife helping sometimes pulling a 5x10 trailer rig. Spent some dough on this whole thing the past 6 months and funds are starting to get a little tight so didn’t want to get something i didn’t definitely need, Thanks guys.

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You have almost the same exact setup I do.

We just went through the wringer with various insurance companies. The ‘holy grail’ ended up being a broker that got us insured with Erie. I think all told including CCC, inland marine, commercial and a couple other bundles is $330/mo. Keep in mind I do 75% window cleaning as well so your premium will probably be less.

Yes, you need commercial on the truck, the adjuster won’t reimburse if they find out you were towing a trailer for work purposes.

I have my truck insured for Business Use with State Farm. Believe it or not my insurance actually went down about $5 a month. May look into doing something like that.

Oh okay thank you so much guys. I’ll be dealing with this tomorrow and Tuesday got to figure something out so I could start in another week or so.

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After 5 years with business insurance through Geico, they dropped me. Its a whole thing but I needed commercial they said. I wasn’t or would not have been covered for fire due to a limit on fuel I was carrying. Mind you, I call annually to go over everything with them and nothing was ever said about it. I have a 6 gal remote tank bolted to enclosed trailer and a 5 gal spare in the truck. They said 11 gallons exceeds my coverage limits and I need commercial. This came up because I asked if there were any issues installing a 17 gal aluminum tank for safety.

My commercial quote from State Farm is about equal to Geico business coverage at $138/mo. That is basic and I will add to it but not a bad starting point for “Nordstroms” insurance. Keep in mind, contents are NOT covered with auto /trailer policy. Add the value of contents to business insurance or with your auto ins carrier if they offer it. Remember, make that number bigger because of inflation and shipping.

Edit: I am glad to get away from internet insurance and have an agent actually look at my truck, trailer and contents. Then, have a conversation about coverage options and needs.

That’s sounds good.

I just got got $500k commercial auto on a 98’ E350 for $1100 a year. Seems crazy expensive for liability only but after getting hit by someone without insurance two months ago and seeing how he tried to blame me(thankfully cameras proved otherwise) I don’t trust anyone on the road especially since I’ll be advertising on the van. Brake checks, etc Best to protect yourself.

I would get a commercial policy, business use policy have a lot of stipulations. With pulling a trailer and fuels most companies won’t cover that unless you move to commercial line….