Coming in 2019 if you didn’t know...Honda iGX800

Worth a read if you didn’t already know…


What’s that equate to around 30hp?

Probably around 25 hp.

Just read through all that. Technology is great, but with all these electronics and sensors if it’s anything like various cars I’ve owned, one faulty sensor reading and the whole thing has issues.

It did mention auto off/on with pressure washers, interesting feature.

The iGX390 has been around for a long while now.

@AUSSIE has one. I like the idea of idling down when off the trigger, anything to keep the noise down is great for me. Auto off and on seems very interesting too.

I seem to be getting older with my gear. Made a snap purchase from a classified site - arrrgh another GX390?! Ha ha.

It was $80. Looks like the recoil has failed, that’s all. Can’t resist a bargain :+1:t2:

Gonna play with it today - gave it a quick degrease last night…


Holy moly! That thing looks brand new!


Yes, indeed. @anon26752184, please tell us what you used for degreasing?

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Sure, it’s degreaser with…

Potassium hydroxide 31g/L

Alkaline salts 28g/L

and some detergent/surfactant for good measure :slight_smile:

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Anyone has bought the iGX800 engine?

I just my new unit with the IGX800. Love it so far!!Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 8.27.36 PM

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