Comet P40 Gas Powered

Anyone running these? Specifically with a proportioner?

I’ve read some old threads on here but not a lot of discussion with a proportioner since now it can be done with the bypass.

I know the issues use to be they leak a lot but the new p40 pump by comet is being advertised for washing and looks like they’ve tried to address some issues.

I currently run a booster/8gpm and love the efficiency but the small footprint of these is really cool and this would be even greater flow.

Any links to one with a proportioner plumbed in?

@MuscleMyHustle I tried one out at the pws. Loved it. I know Midwest washing equipment seems to sell a lot of these skids with the metering valves too.

Get good distance with it?

I can get about 50 ft with mine thru 5/8" hose. About the same as my 8gpm.

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Yeah there quite impressive, shoot a fair bit of volume out at pretty good psi considering the size, I was wondering how the proportioner plumbed in would effect distance.

In theory, shouldn’t effect at all, since on the incoming side, long as not restricting The one’s from Midwest have larger intakes, but I can’t say since with mine I’m batching. When I redo mine this Spring, going to try one. Figure after a year they may have the bugs worked out by then , if any.

Look forward to your findings. They make a lot of sense with a proportioner from an economic point of view, virtually cost nothing to run, take up no room and don’t have to listen to a v twin all day lol.

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Me too… I’m sitting on the fence waiting more feedback!

@Racer RICK, Can you give an update on your Comet P40? I am researching a new softwash setup for high rise applications and was considering the All Flo 41gpm, but we all know that those numbers are just arbitrary. Would you say that the P40 delivers better volume and distance than other systems you’ve employed? Would you expect it has the guts to pump solution 150’ up and still spray strong onto the building to be cleaned?

You want the AR pump to start with, but to answer your question, I don’t know. Never tried it with 150’ of head pressure. What are you cleaning 15 stories up?

Beachfront condos and hotels. Not necessarily 150’, but used that number as an example. Also, any building that is host to the blue-green algae that proliferates when given enough time, especially the tall ones that are difficult for most to clean.

To which AR pump do you refer?