College football

Once again ROLL TIDE :star_struck:

They are good, but its weird seeing the Offense better than the Defense… and their Def is good

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It’s strange here. In Mississippi we have what I call Walmart Alabama fans. They go to Walmart and get a hat or t-shirt. I’m from Alabama and you either see Alabama or Auburn and that’s it. I’m sorry for using profanity by saying Auburn

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Could have been a good game but LSU forgot to show up.


They’ve played better than anyone we’ve played yet. All my family and church are Mississippi State fans. We play them next week. That’s going to be fun. Thanks for the advice on the 1" manifold. I went with a hannay. We got it mounted today. It’s definitely faster than 1/2" manifold.

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I’m a Clemson guy, but actually like both Alabama and LSU. If AL had loss would have moved Clemson to #!. With LSU getting beat means it going to bump up Michigan and Notre Dame. I’m a big fan of any Southeast team against the rest of the country, especially any from the North, lol. I like it when 75% of the top 10 come from this area.

Alabama in a league by itself though. The pregame guys talking about it were saying it was the game of year and I told my wife Al was going to go through them like a mower thru grass. LSU ended up with only12 yards rushing for the whole game. That’s incredible.

I’ve been an Alabama fan since I was a kid all the way back to the Bear Bryant days.

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