Collecting payment

What is your procedure for collecting payment? especially if you have employees. When the job is complete do you have your tech grab a check or cash or even have them run a card? Or do you completely the job and have them move on and than invoice the customer which they can pay by card or mail a check. In theory getting paid at the completion of the job sounds the best but again that means your employees are handling a lot of money / cards.

I’m a new and s single man show right now but just trying to get all my procedures down and looking to the future to when I hopefully have employees.

“payment is due upon completion”… if they’re paying cash/check, the techs collect that. If they want to give them the card, they run it then. Otherwise, they are sent a secure payment link from Jobber and they pay it online.

We get in front of this by asking for their payment method during the scheduling process, and putting it into the job notes. That way no (or few) surprises for either of us.


I do that ^

Check, cash or Venmo upon completion. No credit cards. It’s just my wife and I so no employees.