Coil replacement

I have a Landa 5-3500 and have no flow thru the coil. I call a local Radiator shop to see if they could clean it out but they said it had to have a little flow to clean it out. so where is a good place to get a replacement coil?

I would think a Landa dealer, I don’t know if they are an interchangeable part. I used to use those 5/3500’s exclusively, had a coil blow on one that was luckily covered by warranty. I watched them take it out, it took 3 guys and a fork lift! They are heavy and tough to move around.

Yes was very Heavy. I picked it out of there by myself last night.

Now that the coil is out, try running water backwards through it. If you can get a trickle, you may be able to descale it.

If you end up needing one, call me.

Russ is the man.
Thanks for getting a coil for my landa.
It fit prefect
Thanks Russ

If ya dont mind me asking, whats one run ?

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The coil was like $400 plus shipping