Coffee stain on concrete

Best method to remove coffee stains out of concrete? I’ve researched this and there’s a surprising lack of information on this. I’m thinking maybe SH because of the tannins but the small amount of research I could find says SH does nothing for coffee.
Pic attached

SH has never worked for me. I have two coffee shops that are on quarterly contracts so I’m there 4 times a year. The stains haven’t budged. It’s especially bad on the curbs at the drive thru window. I’ve tried SH, muriatic, and oxalic. A phosphoric based stain remover is one I considered but haven’t tried yet. I normally use it to remove berry stains, stubborn leaf stains, and red clay stains. I’ve been cleaning both shops for years and they keep paying me so I assume they don’t care. If they don’t care I don’t either.

Hot water.

Clean the best you can then upsell sealing it to help with future spills