Coca-Cola Building

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Metal siding, old and faded. Manager at plant contacted me for an estimate to clean. He understands its old and this will not be a renewal.
Anyone done anything this large? (17,000sf surface area)
Any pointers or warnings appreciated
I already submitted a bit because he understands the expected outcome just looking for comments on things I may have overlooked.
Either way, I’m sure I’ll get schooled on this day LOL

Just downstream some Pepsi on it man! If that doesn’t catch it on fire, just work a section at a time. I had a big one like that last year; 2 warehouse buildings. I found a nice place to park right between them & was able to knock it all out in a day with 300 feet of hose. I worked it on a Sunday so I would have the whole place to myself, which is great because that large iced coffee has to go somewhere.


What’s the sq. ft of the actual building?

I would be ok with 2500 big ones.

Its actually 2 buildings, the office/warehouse is 46,000sf and the fleet maintenance building is 9,000sf (footprint). The surface area to be cleaned is 17,400 and 10,150 respectively.

That’s a lot of SH!

Looks like about 24’ high, standard. Are you suppose to wash all of it? When they want done?

Be sure to check for water. Lot of those older buildings like that you’ll be lucky to find one working spigot.

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Isn’t that true…….crazy, been there.

No kidding. I did a lunch seating area and only one spigot out of four was on. I had to stretch 200’ of supply then stretch 250’ of pressure to reach it.

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We did a self-storage place with 5 buildings a few years ago…we have a water trailer with a HF trash pump to dump it into the truck. We had to run the 200’ of supply hose to the trailer, then the pump with another 200’ to the truck, with 200’ of pressure hose to reach the far side of the 5th building… bc the only spigot was at the office outside the entry gate on the opposite end of the 1st building

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