Coated garage floor

Here’s something different. Previous customer wants his 2 car garage cleaned, it’s coated with this…

I’m thinking a diluted degreaser pump up, brush in and LP rinse off.


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That looks about right. Should only be light surface stains if they put down a polyurethane coating down. Maybe a surface cleaner to speed up the process.

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Maybe contact the manufacturer and ask them the safest way to clean it

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The customer did contact the manufacturer, they suggested Simple Green.

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Degreaser and a thick bristled brush. Agitate it and rinse.


I just did my shop floor the same way. Stuff cleans up easy had a bunch of oil and it all came up fine. I rinsed with maybe 800 psi idk my wand was pretty far back though and most just squeegeed off with no pressure. Disregard muffler in pic.

I’m liking that piece of titanium, what’s that off?

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A snowmobile.

I love fabricating with it have made plenty of stuff with titanium.


Wow thats some impressive work! The welder at our shop does a lot with it but mainly on Banshee pipes. Have you had an issues with it cracking? Mine split and almost burned down the whole sled so they sent me a new one.

Yes titanium will crack very easily, that’s why i did the lobster back joints on the exhaust to get the bends instead of mandrel bending it, also notice the slip joint with spring, that’s so it allows movement when the engine torque twists. Yours probably cracked because of a very hot exhaust and cold snow, titanium doesn’t like extreme temperature changes. It cracks at room temperature just bending it, it’s very brittle.

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Perfect, thank you.

Very cool sounds like you know your stuff and your craftsmanship is top notch. I assumed it was the major swing in temperature and my buddies told me I was nuts. Whats that piece you made there going on?

It’s an exhaust off an r32 Gtr I used to own.

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Seeing as you like this stuff here is a source to use some of it for your rig. Theoretically it should be impervious to the Sh. I know my transfer line for my tote the clamps go bad fast. May give these a shot.

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Before, and after. Red raider 5:1 pump up sprayer, scrub with brush and light rinse. Came out alright, customer was happy.

I would have tried my surface cleaner but all I had was 2504 nozzles and felt it was too much pressure for the clearcoat.


Oh, and a really embarrassing question.

When calculating nozzle PSI on the chart, say I want to achieve 1500psi. I drop down to 5.5gpm, and it shows a #9 orifice.

When splitting for a surface cleaner it’s obviously #4.5. Now does that mean each 4.5 is putting out 1500 or is that 750psi?

Each nozzle will be putting out 2.76 gpm for a total of 5.5 and 1500 psi each. The only reason the gpm is divided in half is because you’re splitting your gpm between two nozzles. The psi doesn’t change because of the orifice size. To get 750 psi you would need two of the #6.5 nozzles or thereabout.


No kidding, ok got it thanks.