Cleaning white brick

I have a white brick house to clean that is covered with mold and mildew. (black and green) In the past I have always pressure cleaned it then sprayed it with roof cleaner. Since joining PWRA last year I have learned that I am behind the times with the cleaner I have been using. I have a new mixture for roof cleaner using 12.5% SH. Is that what you would recommend using on this brick? If not, what would you recommend? Thanks in advance.

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Yes I would use that but in this order, wet brick, spray a strong mixture of SH with a good soap(surfactant). Let it dwell for around 5-10min then with the least amount of pressure possible powerwash it clean. (notice I didn’t say Soft wash it because the grout almost always needs a little bit more pressure then a complete soft wash).

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Thanks John.

Any suggestions on a surfactant? Something that I might easily find today to do this job.

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Any surfactant is fine in this case. Baby shampoo from dollar tree would work. Whatever soap goes in your house wash will be fine. At some point too much surfactant is just a pain to rinse, especially on brick.

  • We always pre-wet brick when doing OneRestore or other acids but I never pre-wet brick when using bleach on brick.

Thanks Tim.

I recently washed a big white brick house I used sh and some soap i vet from my chem guy dont know exactly what it is but works great
Just be careful rinse further back even with softwash you dont want to know any paint off the brick
The house i did was real dirty and moldy but it cleaned very easily

Tim, have you used baby shampoo?

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liquid Tide works for us in a pinch.

No I haven’t. We typically keep a good supply of Bob and Russ products on hand.

Chris was asking what he could pick up local today and one suds making product should work as well as anything else as he just needs a touch of surfactant for brick cleaning.

So baby shampoo came to mind.

Plus, I’m getting old and I am ready for some grandkids so maybe that is what prompted that response. :slight_smile:

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ha ha ha that’s funny , I am 37 and I find myself wanting a granddaughter isn’t that crazy I guess I miss my boys when they were little .things sure change when they get older

Lots of people use gain when in a last minute crunch… Don’t recommend making a habit out of it though.

Get pro products from Russ/Bob or any other professional distributor in our industry and show your a pro.

So I searched without success. COuld someone please elaborate on Bob & Russ and where thay might be procured? Thanks

Bob is from pressure tek and Russ is Southside Equipment

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