Cleaning travertine pool tiles

Hey guys,
I have a job coming where the customer wants her tiles around her pool area clean which are travertine. She was asking what chemical I was going to use in it as she was nervous and didn’t want them damaged. I would typically use the SH & a light surfactant mix for this. I was checking in here to double check with the pros whether I am on the right path. Am I ok to proceed with how I was going to clean it!!

Did you do a search for ‘travertine’ yet? Lots of prior threads.

No I didn’t… thanks for reminding me mate

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It’s no different than any other paver as far as maintenance goes

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I’ve been reading a lot that people use SC… what is that?
I’m new to the game and learning ALOT so any advice would awesome

Ohh boy I jumped the gun here I think


I will use a surface cleaner but you have to have the right tips. Most of the time i just soft wash travertine but this one needed a little more

Got a pic?