I had a good chuckle over this call.

Apparently they are filming a movie here in a local park and will be doing a tomato throwing fight scene. The lady calling from California is looking for a company to ‘power wash the tomato residue off the grass’ after it’s over.



Sub it out to some goats.


Yup. That explains it.
Show up with a lawnmower and charge whatever you wnt

It’s one of those out of state companies that send messages to every service in a city hoping some sucker will be willing to do weird stuff.

Just recently had a weird call where they wanted me to clean a grease trap at a coastguard base. I informed them that it wasn’t possible for me but I wish them good luck in all their endeavors. The guy got uppity with me when I said it was out of my service area. I had to interrupt him and ask if he was an Alaskan or from the lower 48. He of course said he was from out of state…

They were based in a town about 1000 miles away from me that could not be driven to so had to give him a geography lesson. He apologized and continued his search, and I gave him a few company names that were actually local.

Tell them you support them and only use electric equipment too, but that makes your service 2x as expensive…and you’ll get it taken care of on the next rainy day…


You’re missing out on a unique opportunity there. You will use a 4 stage process:

  1. Site Preparation - Blow/Rake Away Debris
    — Tomato Fight! —
  2. Tomato Extraction - Vacuum Up Tomatoes
  3. Site Rinse - Water the Grass
  4. Site Restoration - Spray the Grass with Color., Pressure Wash Sidewalk, Etc.

You do this on a strictly time and materials basis from the time you arrive until the time you leave. You get paid while they are shooting too. For every 4 hours, you get a meal. The rate is $1000/hour.

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