Cleaning Tire Marks & Clay Off New Concrete

Need some help got a job for new construction they’re wanting the concrete cleaned it has tire marks and some red clay or clay stains on there never have done one so any advice will help

F9 efflo for red clay and f9 groundskeeper for tire marks :+1:

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Is there a way to surface new new concrete ?

There are some concrete gurus that will be with you shortly, and they know much more then I. But the short answer is no. Not without knowing several things about the type of concrete poured, and even then its generally not worth the risk of destroying the cream.


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This is really a hot water rinse with good chems job. No pressure. That concrete is very new.
I would hit it with a mix of EBC and Butyle mix or F9GK for tire marks and for the rust/clay stains, you could go with F9 Efflo or Barc or even Ox Acid.

Spray chem, scrub, dwell and then hot water rinse with low pressure.


I’ve heard wait a year before cleaning, with pressure, new concrete so I won’t do it unless it’s 18 months to 2 years old.

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I read some where you can change the tips out on your surface cleaning . Like putting 4 4007 tips And use the surface cleaner … has anyone done this

Ii use the F9 efflo on all my new construction jobs (houses) and it rocks the red clay right off. I mix it 1/4 gallon iinto 2 gallon sprayer and apply liberally. By the time I spray a garage or driveway I can start with my surface cleaner and it comes right off. I only need to scrub the really nasty stains.


Update to the guy who asked about surface cleaning new concrete, you can do it but you have to turn your surface cleaner pressure down to 1000-1500 psi. That’s what I did for this job and it rocked, just made the surface cleaner super heavy to move around. To turn the pressure down, what I did was use a pressure gauge at the handle of my surface cleaner, held the surface cleaner trigger down and adjusted my unloader until it said 1500 psi on the gauge

I applied some f9 double eagle with a pump up and lightly broomed in with a brush before I surface cleaned