Cleaning tall method

Alright…So I’m cleaning a 3-5 story building. There’s only technically 3 stories. But there’s an underground garage, and there’s some high points. My 12 v and pressure washer both reach most of the 3rd story and even the high points on the roof. I’m not having any problem getting the chems on the 3rd story of the building but I don’t have enough pressure to properly rinse. To get the cobwebs and mildew off the top ledge I either need to use a brush and ladder or climb on to the 3rd story balconies via a ladder. Its not a problem but its not ideal. I can get the job completed with my current equipment but I’d like to be more efficient. Does anyone have a good system for cleaning at 30+’?

I’m thinking an air diaphragm or a booster pump or…

I used a crappy extension pole I bought at home depot a while back and web brush to clean some spots about 40’ up while standing on a ladder. Low pressure nozzles so not much kick and in my opinion it was relatively safe but I probably wouldn’t have any one but me doing something like that. The main issue is that the building has never been cleaned and is at least 20 yrs old. The top ledge required at least some pressure to be cleaned.

Does anyone have experience with something like this? I’m going to finish the job tomorrow with what I have but I want to be better in the future.

@squidskc hope you don’t mind but you’re usually my go to guy when I have questions. I read a thread recently where you were cleaning a tall building amd talking about how rinsing at heights was an issue. I cant find it now.

Oh and its true stucco jussouknow. < I just made up a word.

Anyways, thanks I’m advance to anyone willing to help. After doing this job I decided I’m going to step it up a notch and actively pursue these kind of jobs. This one came through a properly manager I work with and I could have easily have gotten double if I secured the contract myself.

@Innocentbystander you seem to know just about everything… and I know you clean alot of apartments, mostly vinyl from what I’ve gathered but maybe you have some wisdom to pass on.

Here’s an after pic…I’m Pretty happy with the results but like I said before I’m just trying to work smarter.

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On a side note. I found this on you tube. Definitely not something I want to do but its interesting.

What size pw you have?

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Pressure pro Honda 690 with an 8 gpm pump and a 630 with a 5.5 gpm pump. Both are rated at 3500 psi but 8 gpm doesn’t quite have that much pressure.

Man, that seemed like a tough job, the pressure kept pushing them away from the building, looked terrible

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It’s 2018 guys… jet packs or hover boards are the only real options.


We did this building on Monday…5 hours $1590

The backside is a drop off with an additional floor…so three and half stories plus dormers. Filthy…mostly dirt and tree/leaf debris. It was a weird one…but we used our hated 24 foot extension pole with an x jet on the end… worked like a charm. Only needed it for the dormers but it sure beat a lift or a 40 foot ladder.

I’m still sore though…


A air diaphragm pump will not put out the pressure you want. A booster pump by the time it gets to 30+ ft wont have much force behind it either.

Thanks for the replies everybody. I got the
Job done today. It turned out my throttle cable had slipped a little bit and after adjusting it I got about anothe 5-10 ft. But it lools like I might be investing in an extension pole for future jobs like this.

Good to know. Its looking like an extension pole or lift are the best option. The land scaping didn’t allow for a lift on this job or I would have gone that route.