Cleaning stucco

Throwing up a few questions as I’m looking to further pursue this avenue of my business. How does everyone cleaning stucco?


We SoftWash it. Really, that’s the only safe method to clean it.

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Where are yhou located, if you can fill out your signature so more people will be willing to help you.

I understand where you are coming from with the sig, but he’s a wcra member.

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I’m just letting him know, say if someone on here was from upton, Massachusetts would you spill all the beans of the ins and outs that could take away from your family? Anyone can say they can, but proving it is another story. I’m here to help anyone that I can, and if some of my competition gets on here you all are more than welcome to help them as I would stay out of it.

Yes. I can honestly say that I can and have helped local business owners. I showed a pressure washer how to softwash. I took him on a job with me and showed him everything I do for vinyl siding from start to finish, excluding my pricing which is similar to everyone in my area anyway.

But lets say that this guy is from texas, outside of your work area, and you help him here on a public forum. Anyone in your area could read what you typed. They don’t even have to be a forum member to read it, it’s now public info.

Believe me. I understand what you are saying. I’m not arguing with you in anyway. But if you are going by that standard than you might as well not help anyone because your competition will more than likely read your response at some point in the future


You need low pressure and a stronger mix than for other surfaces. I used to go as strong as down streaming straight 12% plus soap but with Fresh Wash I can go way lower on the 12% because of the way that it amplifies the 12% and its penetrating power.

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stucco is much different then dryvit

The problem with stucco is it is color coated thin concrete. Stains are not on the surface but penetrate the the color coat and “recolor” the finish. You can lighten the staining but you can’t have the original color come back because it’s no longer that color. If the stucco has been painted the paint acts as a sealer and that staining can be eliminated.

I have put straight sh on stucco takes the stain color down a few sheens but you don’t get the original color again.

If it’s staining - something other then mold or algae - we have a few speciality cleaners that will assist in removing the stain.

Of course, there is a point where this becomes a restoration process rather then a cleaner process. We like to step in BEFORE it becomes a restoration process. It’s a lot easier and cheaper for the property owner.

In rare instances, the best thing we can do is safely prep the surface for paint.

yea that’s when people pretty much call out here when it’s to late. It’s not so much a mold issue, but years of muddy dirt hitting the walls after the rain and it stains it BAD

what cleaners do you recommend?

This is where we probably have the advantage. Within a few years mold and algae develop and it really looks bad. So I’d venture to say that these surfaces here in the southeast are being cleaned on a more frequent bases compared to areas like southern California. We are probably cleaning the surface before these stains are able to really settle in.

Is this an opinion or advice? Anyone else agree that the mold and algae will degrade the color of stucco and is not cleanable to the original appearance?

He’s right. If it’s painted it’ll clean up easily, but depending on how bad it is and how long it’s been there there’s a chance it won’t go away 100%.

If it hasn’t been painted and there’s algae and mildew on it. Buckle in. It’s a treat.

Or… walk… no… run away!

Hi, some I’m confused, can you clean painted Stucco? I’m from the southeast Florida area and have gained the Ninja eye and see every dirty house in town. We don’t have a lot of vinyl siding homes unless in a manufactured home community. I see a lot of CBS block homes with painted stucco, with a lot of lake or canal sprinkler system and the algae grows at the bottom of the homes, fences and darkens the sidewalks and driveways. I use my home as a testing operation and noticed I put up a 2cup SH to 1 gallon in a hose sprayer, ( what is that mix) and it dulls the finish of the paint and doesn’t get rid of the algae! What is or should the SH formulae be ? Reminder this is a 1 gallon tank sprayer & garden hose. I really want to ensure I can clean these surfaces with out damage or having a customer upset that the paint finish is destroyed.