Cleaning strip mall

I am quoting a small strip mall. Most of the commercial work I do is flatwork, or limestone. I am confident in how to get everything clean, but the signs make me nervous. I have never washed around this type of electric sign. I know they are weatherproof obviously, but are they safe to spray with SH? I would love some feedback. I did try to research this, but I didn’t find much.

Sorry, not sure why pic is sideways?

Just like with any electrical. Water and SH don’t mix. I would cover the signs if it were me… just my 2 cents.

I had a sign shop for almost 20 years before I started washing, just don’t apply high pressure to the front of the sign. If you are soft washing you will have no problems. The signs are made with material that is manufactured to deal with weather and uv damage daily, bleach will not do any harm to the surfaces.


I wasn’t too concerned with discoloration, but rather the risk of the SH getting into the electrical. I tape outlets and so on, but since I have no past experience to pull from, I wasn’t sure. It would be a huge pain to cover the signs in plastic wrap. Its a strip mall, so I would have a lot of signs to cover. Of course I will if it’s necessary, but I don’t want to make extra work for myself if it’s not needed.

No need to cover the signage. Like @Scox said they are built to withstand all types of weather. I wash storefronts, not terribly often, but often enough to know that if it hasn’t been messed up by hurricanes, you’re not going to mess it up with soft washing.