Cleaning Sealed concrete

I have a customer that’s wanting there driveway cleaned tomorrow. The concrete has a sealer on it. How do most of you guys clean this? Do you use your surface cleaner? Thanks

Water, chem, and pressure. It doesn’t get much easier than concrete. That being said you didn’t provide much info and probably won’t get alot of useful responses. And yeah a surface cleaner will do it. What are you trying to remove? There’s tons of info on here regarding concrete.

Thanks for the reply!! I may have presented the question wrong. I do a ton of concrete, always with good results. This is the 1st I’ve run across that has a sealer on it. Basically I was wondering will a surface cleaner do the job without messing with the sealer? If not, how is everyone cleaning sealed concrete?

Surface cleaner works the same as the wand does. Keep your psi in check and everything will be fine. Maybe someone more experienced will chime in. Maybe not. Good luck.

I’m looking for info too. I have a customer that wants me to clean his sealed garage. A couple of oil stains and tire marks. I’m trying to figure out what Chems to use. I was thinking of trying SH first and maybe oxalic after.

Use degreaser, not sh. I wouldn’t trust oxalic on that.
If you’re using cold water you may want to scrub the oily spots. Also don’t use too​ high a pressure, you could just use the wand.
Tire marks may be missing paint and not stains.
Also Goo gone/off may help.

Thanks for the info do you recommend one degreaser over another? Preferably something I can buy locally.

I use Zep Heavy Duty citrus degreaser. I’ve bought it at both Menards and Home Depot. It’s like $8/gallon. Make sure you dilute it though. This stuff will peel paint straight. Wear gloves. I only use it straight when we’re washing restaurant dumpster pads and drive throughs. Usually only takes 4 gallons in the back pack sprayer to clean most restaurant gunk. It’s strong stuff. Smells really good too.


Thanks man

Hey I have the same question - anything special you had to do?