Cleaning screen/covered porch

Wanted to get your thoughts about cleaning this porch. It has a stained roof that the previous washer damaged (see photo) and the white trim is vinyl and constantly dirty. My hang up is that the porch itself is unsealed Cypress, which is relatively common around here. How would you guys tackle this from a chemical and equipment standpoint? I’m set up to downstream. They also have something similar in their screened in porch. Should I just do this work by hand?!? Thanks

In newbie fashion I didn’t attach photo correctly.

You can tell he used SH to clean the trim and also sprayer the Cypress. You might be able to spray the entire ceiling with SH to clean the wood. That should get rid of the spots. I’d definitely talk to the homeowner and explain to him what you can try but there’s no guarantee that it will fix it. Do a very small test area with a spray bottle just to see if it lightens up the rest of the wood. They wood likely has the same mildew on it that the trim has. If the test area works out I would do the entire ceiling with SH and then follow up with Oxalic. You can try and down stream the SH but you’ll likely need a stronger mix. Maybe 1.5%-2%. You can up it just a little if you can still see the spots. Be sure to charge accordingly.

Thanks @marinegrunt the ceiling is shown and actually sealed with some sort of sealant. The floor, not pictured is untreated Cypress. Thanks for advice, I may go do a couple small tests before we do job.

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