Cleaning pavement residue off of concrete

I’ve been pressure washing for the last 3 1/2 years. I have learned a lot of useful info on this site. This is my first time to actually post a question. I hope someone can help me with this one. I have a monthy contract with a local bank to clean all the concrete. they just had the paved parking lot redone with an overlay. Where the pavement meets the concrete entrances there is pavement tire marks that has ruined it. The question I have is, Has anyone on here had to deal with anything like this. And if so what did you use to get the pavement residue off? Thanks for any help y’all can give me.

If you’re referring to asphalt when you say pavement I would give a good degreaser a try. If the new concrete overlay isn’t very old be careful if you use any pressure. Certain overlays are only a 1/16 of an inch thick. Without seeing it I would probably try a deck brush with the degreaser and see what happens and then do a low pressure rinse. I would order a good degreaser instead of using some cheap one from the box stores. There’s a night and day difference between them.

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A good degreaser and heat! If you have those 2 you are golden!

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What degreasers would you recommend?

If the concrete is old and has no cream left and can withstand pressure,i would wet or dry sandblast it,when you start using chemicals on asphalt residue it will break down the asphalt in the residue and mix with the degreaser and cause a stain of its own,try hot water and a surface cleaner,then follow up with a turbo nozzle first…i did asphalt work for a while,and deisel is what we used break down the asphalt and to keep it sticking to tools and equipment,it too will stain concrete

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You should be reclaiming water on that job,too

Take some pics

I tried some degreaser and it did help a lot. I’m purchasing a hot water box as we speak. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll post some after pictures when I try out my hot box.

Hot water will really make a difference. I’d still pre-treat with degreaser, let dwell for 15 minutes or so, and then surface clean.

When you mentioned “overlay” for some reason I was thinking the concrete had the overlay. Pressure won’t hurt that concrete at all.

Be looking forward to see how it comes out👍

After you are finished with that process you could put some muriatic acid on there too,pool stores sell it pretty cheap locally

I would recommend diesel, gas or kerosene over degreaser. DO NOT GET ANY ON THE REGULAR ASPHALT!

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Gas not good,it evaporates too quick,diesel will dissolve asphalt/residue, but leave a stain behind,we dont want that

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So how did it turn out?

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They decided to wait until next month to clean it. The paving company told the bank manager that most of it would wear off in about a month. We shall see.

Ah ok

The paving co should’ve spread sand on that apron before they started paving,ha

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