Cleaning Painted Drivewayas

I have a bunch of painted driveways in my neighborhood, and was wondering if it is safe to use SH on them? Also, will my 3600 psi unit destroy the paint, or will it be okay? Or should I avoid these driveways all together?

Probably best to call a washing contractor in your area to clean them

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What IBS said. Although you probably see lots of potential money to make. Nothing wrong with that. As a general rule of thumb, don’t ever experiment on someone else’s property though. But maybe in your case you know one of the neighbors and you just frankly state that you want to clean his driveway but you’re not sure how it will come out. Offer to do it for free and see what he says. I assume you’re using a surface cleaner. You can change out the tips to decrease the pressure to lower risk of chipping up the paint. But before you do that, search here and see what you find.

They paint driveways there?:flushed:

I just cleaned old painted sidewalks. Color was fading and I knew it would come out a lot but it was old and crappy and I told the client upfront that it would be worse after. Clean and less color was better than how it was, especially already having half of it missing.