Cleaning Out The Shop For Huntsville

Hey guys, got to looking around the shop and I’ve got a few things gathering dust and thought I’d bring them to the Huntsville event.

3.5 hp Honda motor with base (chem pump no good) low hrs.

Silver Eagle 28" or 30" surfacer like new, low hrs.

Hydro-Tek 28" surface-cleaner with spray bar on top

Cox hose-reel

Another hose -reel (Don’t know the maker)

Maybe more, that’s off the top of my head.

Sell or trade

Thad, see ya soon.

Sending PM

Looking forward to it, Guy.

Forgot, I’ve got a electric hose- reel also…nothing special… works.

Hey Guy r u speaking down there or just attending? Sounds like there going to have a good Time there.

No, when i attend events like this I keep my mouth shut and my ears open, well as much as I can. Big Fish will be at this event, I’m just a little fish that wants to learn as much as possible.

I hear ya brother. Pretty much the same thing I do at these things. Interesting thing is sometimes I think something won’t work and these “Big Fishes” prove otherwise. Also some of these guys do things you would never expect like singing and jamming on the guitar after running an event all day…amazing.

Ok here’s a picture of the stuff I’m bringing.

The Honda gx-160 has very low hrs but carb needs cleaning, won’t run unless you pour gas in carb. Maybe I can ask Russ for a favor.

Hydro-Tek 28" surface- cleaner has a broken handle but I have a new one that comes with it.

Steel- Eagle 30" surface-cleaner maybe 4 hrs of use

Hannay Electric Hose- reel that does work. I think it will hold 300’ easy

No name hose- reel 75’ of hose (I Think), gun, and super swivel.

Cox Hose- reel

Not flexible on price of surface cleaners, or Honda motor. We can talk about everything else.

Hey Guy if you have the new handle like you say for the Hydrotek 28 and the swivel all works great we may have a deal. If you can get me a price what it would cost to ship it to or near my Zipcode 11754 we may have a deal.

John, I said a new handle comes with it, was I not clear? As far as the swivel goes it worked when I put it up. If I don’t sell it in Huntsville I’ll give you a call but I’m really not interested in shipping anything, that’s why I named this thread the way I did.

I hear ya. If you don’t sell the hydrotek in Huntsville and you find out shipping is in the $100 dollar range I’m very interested. If it’s much more then that I’ll pass. If you just don’t want to deal with shipping it I understand. No need to explain. People are specific about that when I deal with “out of staters”