Cleaning oil and grime off concret/cement driveways and walkways

I have been doing a lot of research on here and I see EBC is the king for cleaning oil off cement and everything in general. My question is do any of you guys use any other degreasers from home Depot or any other stores to grab in a pinch ? Because sometimes EBC is not the easiest to get ahold of.

Try sherwin Williams for EBC.

It doesn’t really matter what you get as far as other degreasers. You could use Dawn dish soap. They all work marginally well.

If you don’t have hot water, count on 60% or so grease removal with off the shelf stuff.


Sherwin WIlliams for EBC is good advice. 115.00 per bucket.

Curious… because I have it on hand, would Zep citrus degreaser work for something like this?

See above

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@sxz349 I have tried zep orange degreaser it works decently but not perfect. Like he said probably 60% .thanks @squidskc do you think ebc is that much better then the rest? I have only cold water now and was looking if anyone had any products to compare to ebc that are off the shelf.

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Hot water is pretty crucial IMO.

BUT if you’re limited to cold water. EBC is really your only effective option

Do yourself and your customers a favor and avoid concrete with cold water.

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