Cleaning mildew on Aluminium Gutters

Good Day - I am currently caretaking a home that is located on the ocean. It has Aluminium Gutters, windows and doors.

How do I go about cleaning mildew and stains on these as I know you aren’t supposed to use bleach.

I am located in the Bahamas so some things may not be available here so any info on where to get products would be great too.

Everyone uses bleach here for the most part. Maybe won’t get everything you’ve got there, but it’ll get most of it.

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Who told you that? Is it a regulation in the Bahamas?

Lot of people around me seem to be under the impression that as soon as bleach hits aluminum it’ll rust… always seems to be an uphill battle with those people.

Wetting the area with water then use chlorinated water, let sit and repeat as needed. Works well. Dilute chlorine increase as needed.