Cleaning Mildew in Niagara Falls

Cleaning Mildew from the roof of the Imax Theater in Niagara Falls Ontario. Ward Pressure Washing.

Very nice.

That’s pretty cool.

It was pretty cool. Great view of the falls. I got to do all 4 sides this year, usually I do 2 sides a year.

Small world Rob. For a couple of years (I was on the first run) we cleaned a bunch of Kohl stores 2x/yr in 4 states and one of them was on the NY side of the falls. Because I’m always rushing I still have never seen the Niagara falls and in that cleaning we were only blocks away from it. Very cool that you can see the falls from where you were at:cool:

didn’t have a good pic of the falls for you but you might know what this tower is. This is from the end of the 200 ft crane

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Wo nelly that’s high up. The highest we cleaned was last year which was a 100’. Higher up=more money. I think the one thing my guys won’t do is go over the side from a very high bldg roof top and sit on a boatswains chair. I would but I’m to old for this young mans game now to take that risk.

I wouldn’t sit on a little plank hanging over the edge either. Bad enough in the cage when the wind picks up or the crane stops moving and you don’t. Lol

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IMAX still clean. Staying next to it with the wifey on our anniversary weekend

When I was in the Navy I was a Boatswains mate 3rd class and one of the jobs I always loved and volunteered to do was go over the side on a boatswains chair and paint the ship out at sea. I think the highest up I was doing that was around 60’ but being out in the ocean when the ship was dumping sewage(aloud so many miles out) it was pretty interesting to see the sharks swarm the ship to eat our garbage from the boatswains chair… Actually pretty relaxing sitting out there with a roller and paint. Loved doing that.

Thanks for looking at the roof Jason. Now I don’t have to make a trip to inspect it. Happy Anniversary to you and the wife.

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Your nuts John. My luck I would first fall off the seat and then lose the fight with the shark.

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Rob when are gonna do the needle. It’s really dirty and that comes from the wife

It’s funny you should ask. When I was doing the roof I was looking at the skyline tower. It sure is dirty,even with all that new copper up there. Anyways, it’s going to stay that way because I’m not hanging of that thing. It’s all

Rob Ward
Ward Pressure Washing
Fenwick, Ontario, Canada

Lol… Yea that wouldn’t be pretty…

Very nice work!