Cleaning Metal

Does anyone have good tips for identifying and cleaning metal? Assume this is aluminum but not experienced enough to tell if it’s stainless. Can you clean both the same or with the same product(s)?

Asking about the “awning” over Starbucks…not the truck lol

it’s probably aluminum

I’d be leery of putting SH on it. Looks kind of like that siding stuff they put on car dealerships a lot

I think the rubber scrubbers need to chime in.

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I’d break out the Dragon Juice and a soft brush.

A magnet will tell you if its aluminum or SS. If its SS a good degreaser will shine it up like @Racer said. if it’s aluminum then we use an aluminum brightener, But being that close to windows I’d use an aluminum brightener with a Phosphoric and sulfuric blend and stay away from aluminum brightener that contains Hydrofluoric Acid because it could etch glass if it dries. Me personally I’d 2 step it and that canopy be done before you could roll your hose up. Good luck sir.

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Some of these suggestions are good and others…not so much.

Here’s what I’d do:

Hit it with some simple green in a pump sprayer. Wash at medium pressure. 1K psi should be plenty.

Hit it with some quick detailer and clay bar it in sections. When finished, hit it with some spray wax, let it haze, then wipe of excess.

No hazardous chemicals (huge selling point for a lefty company like Starbies), and you get to justify the cost because it’s a “hands-on” cleaning.

If its aluminum, degreaser isn’t going to get those oxidized streaks off and make it look new, Its soft aluminum. And a clay bar is useless, and if you want to put a wax on it use a spray on spray off wax ,let it sit one minute and rinse at a distance.