Cleaning heritage buildings

Hi all,

Does anyone have information on what the base chemicals are in products such as Eaco Chem’s Heritage Restorer and SESW Monu-Mental?

I have a job coming up (pic below) which is natural stone (sandstone I think) and I have heard that SH can degrade natural stone due to the salts it leaves behind.

I’m located in Australia so the above commercial products aren’t available. Would a benzalkonium chloride solution work in lieu of said chems?


I’m surprised nobody has replied yet. I’m no expert so take this for what it’s worth, pretty much every site I could find on the subject suggests chlorine bleach that we all know and love. I’ve certainly used it on limestone to good effect, just potentially need to neutralize with oxalic.

Mate are u based here in Victoria?

I could give you company you could call and check with them if they supply product…

I used their acid safe product to brick clean a few weeks ago and was pretty happy with their product…