Cleaning Gutters from high up--Where's Waldo?

[COLOR=#333333]This is a job where working on now. I have 1 of my guys high up cleaning gutters. Its like “Where’s Waldo” [/COLOR]:rolleyes:

you’re lucky he didnt drop that pole

What are you paying him John? I’m going to go with not enough lol.

Lol… it’s never enough:) he gets $20 hr and works for me yr round. My #2 man.

He is well worth it if he will hang out up there for you.:smiley:

Here’s another picture of him cleaning these gutters. He not only just about clean every exterior gutter here he also powerwashed a ton. This 24’ pole he added another section to it to reach another 8’. To top that he then used this on a 12’ step ladder. He is a bull.

Find Waldo now.