Cleaning grease from Sheetrock

Has anyone ever had to clean painted Sheetrock before? It’s inside an old mechanic shop and has lots of grease. My inclination is to pre-treat with ebc and do a gentle m5 twist nozzle on the widest fan setting to gently rinse and then have my tech dry it behind me with towels. The floor is concrete and we’re cleaning that as well so that’s not an issue. Is there a different product I should use or is a bad idea in general? It’s going to be repainted after it fully dries. Pics here:

Or double eagle instead maybe?

Walk away


It would be faster and come out much better if they just cut the bottom 4’ off and re-sheet it. I don’t see any good coming out of pressure washing drywall.


Don’t even try for the Sheetrock. You’re going to damage it.

Walk away, let them prime and paint it.

Sheetrock/wallboard/drywall, is usually nothing more than gypsum compressed between layers of paper. There are moisture resistant sheetrock boards that are installed in bathrooms and other water prone areas. Moisture is the number one enemy of gypsum, mold city, plus it sags and cracks and pops.

When you put sheetrock on a wall, the joints between the two boards are filled in with various compounds and most of those mud mixes use water to thin them.

As stated by @Nickski they would be better suited cutting out that 4’ high section or covering it with a glued on fiberglass panel.

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Thanks everyone, appreciate the help!

I just scanned this thread to see how many posts it was before @Innocentbystander said to walk away…the whole thread could have just ended there.

I think we need a “mic drop” function that can be used when an answer is decidedly correct and no more replies are necessary.


They should just paint it and call it a day, if they cant paint it because of the grease they should just replace it.