Cleaning Flagstone

I’ve been searching but haven’t found something similar enough. What would you recommend to clean this flagstone? I have a 4gal 4000psi cold water and a 24" surface cleaner?

Heavy pretreat and a low pressure rinse. Flagstone will chip up if you use much pressure at all. Been there, done that, unfortunately.

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What would you pretreat it with?

At least a 3-4% mix. Straight. Pump up, 12v, or air. Possibly xjet with proportioner pulled out.

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If there a risk of damage to the stone and plants with the SH? I’m very new and don’t want to do damage. How about EBD?
Thanks for your help

I would not do an x-jet with the pool and plants.

No worry on SH strength on that stone. You could go full strength SH and still not hurt the stone itself, you might hurt everything else around it.

If you have a 12 V, I would use that for a direct application of chem. Yes - start with 3-4% with a 10 minute dwell and rinse with as little pressure as needed - like @BigJake said, it will chip and flake off like crazy with too much pressure. I would start with my soaping nozzle to rinse and work up from their (I have several Jrods with a variety of nozzles for various uses that allow a wide range of pressures for this and many more reasons).
Also be mindful not to rinse into pool. Spray away (both chem and cleaning rinse) away from the pool. Too much of either and you will throw off the PH balance of the pool (really not a huge deal but a PITA for whoever takes care of the pool).

Really an easy job in a nutshell - spray, rinse, collect check.

Edit - first sentence was worded incorrectly in original post. Correct now.

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Wait, a 4/4 and 24" surface cleaner?:flushed:

Would not clean that flag stone at 4,000 psi with a surface cleaner. I would step down the psi to about 2,800 but that’s a pretty big surface cleaner for a 4 gpm, your going to have to go real slow