Cleaning epoxy floor

what is the best way to clean epoxy flooring. Can you just use regular pressure or should chemicals be used and soft washed? any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Don’t want to damage some ones epoxy flooring.

I would suggest a degreaser and scrubbing. Depending on the quality of work you shouldn’t have an issue with damage

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Depends on what’s on the floor. If its (the epoxy) the good stuff it will wash up fine with house wash ds’ed then low psi rinse. I’d be careful if its the DIY epoxy floor job.

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Thanks for the help guys. Very useful. Floor came out beautiful.

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Would EBC and lite rinse with hot water be ok ? On this epoxy garage floor

Your going to have a hard time getting those tire marks out with out damaging the finish of that floor…


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Thx , they built this house about 2 years ago. I’m really surprised how dirty it is .

I’ve done several epoxy floors a job that size your probably better off with a good degreaser and a scrub brush nothing to stiff. Then rince it off. Hot water can damage the epoxy releasing its bond to the floor. I’ve done it and don’t recommend you do.


What degreaser do you use ? I have ebc , would that be ok to use on epoxy ?

I’ve never used ebc so I couldn’t tell you . Cheap purple power will probably do just fine used straight. Nothing really penetrates epoxy it’s tough stuff. So most stains are on the surface. If anything was strong enough to penetrate epoxy it likely damaged it

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Ok thanks , I’m going to do some test spots before . I have it schedule for Thursday

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So I used ebc on the epoxy garage floor and it came out pretty good . Client was happy , here’s a picture of the before and after .