Cleaning commercial building

So I’m going to be quoting a job here in the next few weeks. I’ve never done a commercial job before, this building is 15,600 sq ft. I mainly clean residential building and semi rigs. Which residential consists mainly of chlorine, so how about commercial? Do you use just chlorine for solution and soft wash just like you would your average house?

Got a pic?

There you go racer…

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Oh well then. This place certainly can’t compete with the words of wisdom distributed on FB. Especially when I see the reading time here, let someone else answer it.

I came here for more help and advice. 2 people commented on Facebook and nothing was really helpful, hint why I came here. Now that I have this account I won’t have to post to Facebook.

What needs to be cleaned? Organic stains? Hard water? We don’t know what to use to clean if we don’t know what it is you’re cleaning. That building is probably EIFS siding. Do some searching on that.

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We have a new member intro section. Tell us something about yourself, what equipment you have, what part of country you live in. Prices vary greatly by where you live. The more info you can give us the more help we’ll be able to give. Though everyone is welcome here, to come on here and spend less than 1 min on site actually looking for the answer and then expect everyone to be forthcoming without any details of the job is slightly optimistic.

There are a lot of experienced people on here who are glad to help, but give us something to work with.


Ah, missed that section. I just updated my profile page, not sure where the new member intro is?