Cleaning cars at dealerships

Anyone here currently doing this? There is a little bit of info in past years.

I can figure out detergent, pricing, and waste water. Any other tips to think about. Psi? Etc…

There is a dealership looking for service.

Also, DI rinse. Tank with delivery system? What size tank? Separate wand? How would you set that up? I have an idea but interested in your thoughts.

Im not going to have a big buffer tank on my trailer (30 or 50gal).

Had a friend look into it for a few days but found out it’s not worth his time based on the pay. In our area (DFW) car lots are worth about .75 per unit. They are on about a 10 day schedule. They will drop you in a heatbeat if somebody wants to do it for a nickle less. No soap is used just a blow job and a wipe down with a chamois to get the dust, bird poop and pollen off. No recovery needed as your just squirting water.

I wouldn’t be over 2k psi at the gun and I’d work a lil 12" lance

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Had a dealership guy call and ask what I would charge biweekly last fall. Said his last guy retired. I asked how much time it took his last guy. He said a full day to do all cars in the lot. I didn’t even ask how many cars. Told him all day costs $1200.

I think I heard him fall out of his chair. He said the last guy did it for $60/day. Then I fell out of my chair. Told him I’ll stick to houses and he should call KC Wash Pros. They’re the fleet folks in the area, but he should probably buckle in because he’s not going to like their number either if the last guy charged $60.


Lol $60/day on what planet is that worth anyone’s time. No wonder the last guy “retired”.


It was $1/car. Like dperez said that’s about the going rate.

Seems like you’d have to have about 1000 lined up and able to clear them all in a single day to make any money. Definitely doesn’t sound like something I’d want to try.

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Or you have to do a car every 30 seconds, less really including travel time to different dealerships, for it to be worth it at all.

That actually sounds worse than cleaning gutters! No thanks! Haha

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He forgot to tell you the guy retired in 1962! :grin:


Talked to another guy at a dealership. He thought the guys were getting $1 per car. No soap. No spot free rinse. Just blowing them off.

I think $2 car would be my minimum. Would need a big supply tank too. 2 guys. 1 washes. 1 rinses.

There’s a guy on YouTube who’s got it going on.

That whole scheme sounds terrible. AMD the headache of god forbid something happened to a car like a dent or scratch…they’d try to hang you out to dry lickity-split


Just doing research and came across this thread.
In 2021, $1 a car on most lots at a new dealerships might get you $15-20! LOL.
Strange times.