Cleaning carpet with pressure washer and reclaim system

With a 200 deg waterline and a reclaim system it seems that I am 95% of the way there to just need some kind of attachment to clean carpets. So many cool attachments for pressure washers seems like all I would need is a wand that works with it. Anyone do this?

Not planning on cleaning carpets full time but would love to be able to especially if it was less than $1000 to get the rest of the way there equipment wise.

One guy on another post said he used this tool to pick up water inside hard floors: Cen-Tec Systems 54" Hard Floor Aluminum Extractor Wand with 12" Squeegee and Scrubbing Brush (forgot what post it was and who used the tool).

Does anyone have a setup to do this? I am bidding on cleaning the kitchen floors at the local cinema (currently cleaning the entire building) and seems this would work great on the harder to reach areas after using the antv5 recovery surface cleaner from Hydrotek.

Hoping this wand in the link above could work on carpets too. I’ve seen them at my house they just use hot water, a vacuum and wand. Sometimes they spray a pretreat on stains but mostly just hot water. Thanks in advance!

Won’t work… you need a big blower to dry carpets fast… or you will run into problems fast!

Also, most of the time you need to run some type of chems thru the water line…

I use to clean carpets, and trust me… no one cleans carpets with hot water alone… It would look like crap! Usually a pre treat is applied with a pump sprayer and a neutralizer is mixed with the water using a system called (last step injection) just like down streaming but with a dial to adjust the dilution… or you will yellow carpets, make them smell bad all sorts of issues… if you want to clean carpets buy a carpet cleaning machine


Reclaim system won’t have a strong enough vacuum to extract the water. You’ll be left with a wet/soppy mess, potential water damage, and an unhappy customer. Also, margins aren’t very high with CC, you need to be efficient to make money. Truckmount is the only way to go.


Yes gave up on the idea. Does anyone know about the cen-Tec hard floor wand I posted the link to above? I do plan on doing interior hard floors (commercial with the floor drains) and think that the recovery surface cleaner I’m receiving today will work for most of it but will need to use something to get into the smaller areas. Wondering if that wand will clean and suck both?