Cleaning Canvas Awnings?

Anyone have the magic formula? I cleaned some black canvas awnings on a night job last night… Went back today and they looked horrible… All streaky. I down streamed a mix of laundry detergent and sodium percarbonate (oxy clean), (used no bleach), brushed with with a brush on a pole, and rinsed with a low pressure tip…

It was dark as the place was not completely lit up at night, so could not see results until today…

Any suggestions?

We’ve always used a mix of Winsol Deep Clean, bleach and dawn. Mold is everywhere here in Florida, so bleach is a must. Our aplication is the same as yours. Let it dwell longer maybe… has a great awning cleaner.

I use the awning cleaners from too and have been very pleased. sells many great products which we buy from.

For awning cleaning we used different solutions over the years but we were very impressed by the one that Chris L. co-owner of this site sold me at his barbeque last year. We used them on a bunch of vita shops(we do around 20 of these stores in Manhattan) Look close at this one picture and you will see the Empire state bldg…

Oh yea and being a PWRA member Chris gave me a nice discount as well. I should add his brother ALEX in here to. He’s just as responsible in helping us contractors. OK I can go on but THAD as well. These are people I believe in and advertise my business with the PWRA Logo attached so that tells you something I hope:)

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Hi , Im In Tampa and have a black commercial awning to clean this weekend… Anything local I can Purchase around here?Thank You

Sh should be fine. @squidskc has a good post about it.

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Thank You It is a good post…. Happy Thanksgiving

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Thank you, u too.