Cleaning Brick Hagerstown Maryland

A snapshot of some recent brick cleaning in Hagerstown Maryland. Not every job is website worthy but we do strive to bring happiness wherever we go. This customer was happy so that is what really counts.

Edit: Attached is a moss picture of a job coming up. This one should make for a great before and after brick cleaning picture and as a bonus, the homeowner will be able to enjoy his patio again without fear of slipping on the moss.

Looking good, do you service Urbana?

Look great Tim!! I see in that after photo what looks to be efflorescence at the far end(white). We gave up on efflorescence and we tell the customer “whatever comes out will come out as much as possible when where done cleaning”. (I bet that efflorescence was even noticeable before cleaning)

That’s the one stain in all my years cleaning brick,split faced block(like what the stores are built with such as home depots)etc. that we just can’t seem to put much of a dent in.

I used products from Prosoco,dietrich(can’t spell) and may other lines and just couldn’t completely remove efflorescence.

I love that Moss picture. Your Customer is going to be shocked how nice you get that one cleaned I bet to I bet;)

I would if I could find it on the map. Is’nt that in Frederick County

Good eye copper guy!

That is actually the penetrating sealant taking its good sweet time soaking in where shaded by the tree. I tried my best to work around that white spot on the collage but I see I can’t fool you. Good catch.

You are making things look easy. Just stay out west there young man…lol

Very nice Tim.

I do!

Go get 'em tiger.

How are things going down your way?

The second season is upon us. Time to tighten it up and make a run for the finish line.

Hey Tim!

Business has been good down here. We had a nice steady trickle through the summer lull, stayed no less than 3 weeks booked out. Now it’s heating up again. How have things been over there? (I saw your roof-cleaning picture, btw. Made me jealous!)

We have not gotten behind but I expect that this fall will be really busy.

Yeah, that roof did turn out nice and then I sold a $1,400.00 patio from their referral.

You just made me jealous all over again! :smiley:

Don’t be. You don’t hear about the misses.

I didn’t tell you about the $2,000.00 brick wall wash I didn’t close or the $3,500.00 brick wall I bid today.

Or the lady that I went to see today who won’t spend $500.00 to wash her $350k house because the last guy did it for $100.00. It aggravates me that I went to see her. I’m trying to pack the schedule so I am going on sales calls as I have time to see if I can increase my close ratio vs. phone sales.

Nice work Tim!

OK I feel a little better. :stuck_out_tongue:

While we’re sharing disappointments, here’s mine for today - it’s kind of the opposite of yours with the house wash:

Did a very nicely priced window cleaning job this afternoon, during which the customer revealed that he thought I was only going to be cleaning about half of his windows.

Wait… WHAT!!! You mean I could have effectively charged you double for this work!!!

Ah… how disappointing. LOL.

Price is a unicorn.

Hmmm… I think I’ve hijacked this thread. Sorry about that.

Whatever it takes to get you posting here, it’s all good.

Haha! Point taken.