Cleaning boat hulls

I wanted to ask the gurus here how they clean boat bottoms. I have a big yacht in an inland river marina. I will be pulling my boat out in the spring & cleaning all the growth off the bottom of the hull. What is the best way? ie: do I use an anti-fungal? Bleach? Degreaser, hot? Cold? I am in the process of buying a 5000psi, 5gpm hot skid & see some potential of spring cleaning several boats on my dock next year. Thanks in advance for the help!

To piggyback off of this thread, how many of you guys are doing boat cleaning?

For cleaning fiberglass boats. Spray the bottom from the water line down with a 50/50 mixture of Clorox and water using a pump sprayer. Allow 10 min. dwell time before washing the surface with your pressure washer using a 25 degree spray tip. 2000 psi cold water should do it, of course if you have hot water it usually cleans better and faster. If rust stains remain use oxalic acid to remove them. After cleaning you will need to re-wax.

Thanks for the tip Larry. I have some million dollar boats in my marina. The owners would rather have someone clean the windows for them & I am fairly close with the marina manager, they don’t offer bottom cleaning, they usually send boaters up river to the next marine shop. Maybe I can work something out with him on a haul out & clean.

You’re welcome!