Cleaning Asbestos Shingle Siding?

My house was built in 1956. I have asbestos shingle siding, I didn’t pressure wash it because I didn’t want to chip it. I did take a long handle bristle brush and use a mix of water and purple power to scrub it down then rinsed with my water hose. Now I am worried that I may have made fibers loose in the air. This is right near our back porch and where my kids play in the yard. Am I over thinking this and what would I need to do if not?

You should probably call a local asbestos remediation company. This is a forum for professional pressure washing contractors. I highly doubt that very many folks here are qualified to instruct you on how to deal with asbestos. And, even if some are, it would be hard to make any sort of determination regarding your house since none of us are there to inspect it in person. Call a professional.

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As said call a professional, you don’t want to play around with that stuff, very nasty.

As long as you didn’t scrub it with a steel brush you should be fine. That siding has a hard “shell” if you will. You would have to really tear into those things to release any fibers. Even if you did, those few fibers have already been blown or washed away. All an abatement company can do is take an air sample but with it being outdoors I highly doubt you would have a positive test.


Did you do any visible damage to siding or its coating. Think about it this way that siding has probably endured all types of weather that have beat on it for 70 years a simple washing more than likely didn’t hurt it. I wouldn’t worry if you didnt do visable damage

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