Cleaning A Historic Statue (with pics)

Hello, I was hoping some of you could give me some advice on cleaning an old marble statue on our court square. I have been asked to bid this but I haven’t done this kind of work before. Here are a few pics of the job and if you wouldn’t mind helping me with an idea of what price range you’d be in that would help a lot too. Thanks in advance!

Well, that was a disappointing first post… No one here has ever cleaned a marble statue or has any help to offer?

I know John Wyatt had posted a pic of a statue not too long ago. I can’t remember if it was concrete or marble, but the advice given to him was ds some SH on it and rinse. I believe his name on here is AllWashedUp. You might try and contact him.

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Thanks! I also found out that the Federal Government has certain standards for non abrasive cleaning of historic monuments and buildings which I didn’t know.

Hey Steve there’s two things you can do here. If you were allowed I would suggest FreshWash and mix it with SH and Some water then spray it on, let it dwell and then power rinse off. If the Fed Gov’t is restricting as to what you can use to clean it then go to PROSOCO, Inc. and email the picture to them with your concerns and they should be able to help you…

We cleaned a couple of Monuments over the yrs and SH/with a good surfactant soap worked great.
Good luck.

I can not give you any advise but my best wishes are with you.

Thank you for the suggestions, I really appreciate it. I’ll look into those options.

Do some research based on National Park Service.

They have just a wee bit of experience with such cleanings.

A cut and paste follows;

Cleaning techniques known to damage stone
• Bleach or bleach‐like products
Household bleach or other oxidizing cleaners,such asDaybreak cleaner orHTHShock ‘N
Swimpooltreatmentmay chemically react with the stone surface and leave soluble
saltsin the pores ofthe stone which will lead to decay. Check the label ofthe cleaner or
the Materials SafetyData Sheet(MSDS)for active cleaning ingredients. Ifthe products
contain sodiumhypochlorite (NaClO),sodiumperborate,sodiumpercarbonate,sodium
persulfate,tetrasodiumpyrophosphate, calciumhypochlorite or urea peroxide, do not
use themfor cleaning the stone. For example,Daybreak cleaner contains 14%
sodiumhypochlorite and is not recommended.

Man, that’s not what I wanted to hear but thanks for the info, I need to get my ducks in a row before doing this. It was erected in 1903 and made of Italian marble

Hey Steve

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Serious work and yes the government has a few conditions for this kind of work. If you check into this SEARCH D/2 bIo cleaner. A cleaner that they use at the White House and Arlington Cemetery. I have used it on Marble and works well. A lot of hand work, more on the areas that have not been polished (rough edges) but by looking at your pictures most has been polished. It is important that you spray ahead so that you do not have to wait 15 minutes after you have completed each area. There are instructions posted on their site, but you have to purchase it from their distributors.

As for pricing, checking out those using it for cleaning cemetery monuments it goes from $0.15 to $0.30 per SQ INCH. This is depending on the size of the monument and the amount of rough-edges and the amount of text.

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If you get the job, I hope that you will post the pictures as I am sure there are a lot of members that would like to see the out come.