I was wondering what soaps you guys used on cleaning fleet vehicles,im looking at an account that has 200 pieces and one that has around 40 pieces,any other info would also be appriaciated.

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Any polished aluminum on these rigs?

nope no polished aluminum.

That opens your options up…

You can try Glory BC (super concentrated)…dilute 4:1 to make ready then dilute again up to 10:1 for brushless cleaning…note: when you apply this stuff, do 2 quick applications on top of each other. If they are really dirty you might have to do some brushing.

You can also two step (Acid then Alkaline)

First, apply HD Sabre. (Dilute 2:1 to make ready to use, then dilute again to about 10:1 or up to 20:1)

Then apply Glory BC the same way as already mentioned.

If you did run up on trucks with polished aluminum, then just replace those with CP&B and Truck Wash Supreme.

Trey I was wondering where you get your supplies from,and what kind of pricing would you do for those volumes

Sent you a PM

thanks Trey for all the info it really helped