Cleanable with roof mix and no pressure?

I had a company ask me to bid cleaning two buildings like the one pictured measuring 12x30 with 10’ walls. The walls are rock, aggregate looking and I haven’t run into this on the walls of any other washes. Can I get it clean with a roof mix and then rinse like a house wash?
I know most use a surface cleaner with driveways and sidewalks similar this, but it seems like it might be a little tough the run the surface cleaner accross this :joy: not to mention dragging it through the weeds taller than me…

Yes, with a lot of surfactant to stick on.

Looks similar to old driveways, you ever spill your roof mix on that? Cleans it right up

@Patriotspwashing maybe he can use some cling-on ?

Good deal. If they accept my bid then I’ll go that route.
I’m still pretty new to the game so I haven’t encountered this yet…and I used search tool first…lol
I appreciate the info!

Set realistic expectations…100 year old stone is still going to be 100 years old when your done with it. Some of those deep dark run stains may not come out depending on how deep it is. Before you put a bid in take a pump up sprayer and go test it. Start weak and work your way up


Got it.
I’m not sure how old these are. This is one of those buildings you see randomly off the side of the road with chain link around them that a fiber optic company has equipment in is the Impression I got.

Hit it with roof mix, dwell 10min or so, rinse with medium pressure. Will clean up nice. You’ll need about 2-3 times as much pressure as a rinse. Think more along washing a deck. 800 - 1000 psi


I think I can handle that
Thank you sir! @Racer

Results from the building I asked for advice on. Roof mix worked great, I don’t think it would have taken any pressure but went ahead and hit it with a little pressure like racer said. The guys on site were happy with it.
Thanks for the advice!


Looks just like a pea gravel pool surround to me. Id go about 3% SH with surfactant and rinse

Looks good. Well done. Sometimes you can get by with just a rinse but usually the darker places need a little pressure. Hope it worked out well for you.$$$$

woah seeing those pictures, one word comes to mind…TICKS
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