Classic 4 tip cleaner

I have a 2 tip and looking to get another 4 tip.
I found this one at a GREAT PRICE.
On it I see the spindle is BLACK instead of GREEN
At $585 that is un real anybody used this company before

I purchased my classic from them about 6 months ago and had since made other purchases with them. I have had no issues with them. This month they’re having a sale on surface cleaners.

We bought our 4 nozzle whisper wash from them. Nothing but a great experience.

Great Thanks and i will have one coming tomorrow…

I have two of them and there awesome. My spinals are green tho so the black may be different?

That Black puzzles me why… I been back and forth with a lady at Whisper I shot her a email asking why the Black see what that means. So u have 2 4 tips that spindles are Green?
This one is called Whisper Wash Classic name. Davidtx all the spindles models in that link are BLACK?
HMmmm i might be over reacting …

Do you notice a huge difference when making the jump from 2 tips to 4?

I’ve only ever had a 4 nozzle version so I have no experience between the two. However, I’ve read that the 4 nozzle cleans better than the two nozzle.

I have to be whisper wash classic 2 nozzle sc. It has a green swivel. Not sure about the black one.

Lady told me they used there old pictures but at bottom of link it shows the green so All Is Well, I orderd the 4 tip today, $585 they now can have sleeves that cover the ends for another $60… I have never seen one with Black spindle…

So is the 4 nozzle version that price you gave me?


Don’t know where i was going with that??
talking about the 4 tip Sleeves that go on the end of the bar I think??
age old age catching up with me

I hve screwed up buying this 4 bar… I talked to James at Whisper Wash he told me David you have a 5.6gpm washer… On a 4 tip cleaner you have to have a 8gpm washer to have the pressure to clean… You wont be happy with 4 tip on your washer…

Just plug two of the nozzles. Problem solved!


So I call the Pressure Wash guy back and he even says no you don’t need a 4 tip washer you got to have 8gpm. He said think your forum buddies would tell you that :slight_smile: kidding just kidding… Ok so this guy is a smooth talker like I was back 40 years ago when I was selling insurance… He tells me what you need to have to up your performance is the Whisper Wash 24" Force which is also on sale…
about $100 more than the 4 bar…Ok today spend $700 on this cleaner… I spend llittle over $200 witth Nitty34 bought signs and door hangers… I get a call from a Lady who wants a quote on a job at her drive way patio a $800 job and she said YES DO IT…This is the 5th house I have got in this gated million dollar subdivision. I am truly blessed

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I think you would have been happier with the whisper classic there’s a reason it’s the most popular of them all.

guess I’m thinking 5 more inches of cleaning, when i talked to whisper man told me they were all built the same just wider base… He said people like it better cause it is cheaper…

The force is on wheels and doesn’t just float like the classic does. It won’t get into tight areas as well as the classic does either. And probably will require more effort too.

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I agree with mrfixit. I was told that on surface cleaners you could have 4" for every gpm. Having only a 4 gpm and hearing that a classic is the max, that’s what I decided to go with. I occasionally have to go slow. I’m interested to see how the 24" does.