Citronella candle spill on pool deck -concrete ( tan color in mix)

We had the tin bucket style candle buckets and I guess they filled with rain water also. Wife said they got knocked over leaving stain on concrete. Guessing it happened end of last season, so it’s been in the weather for a while now. I had already wand washed ( just water) the pool and patio area this spring and it is not going away. ( but all the black mold mildew cleaned beautifully. pool deck is the color added in the truck load of cement. What do you suggest to try and remove or lighten the stains? SH and wand area again? Something to break up wax? Could it be citronella chem stain? I don’t have hot water machine, but could boil a pot of water and do a pour method… and quickly pressure wand… lol This will make for some great practice!

Citronella is an oil so I would try and degreaser. Preferably one with Sodium Hydroxide in it. I believe Purple Power has it in there but it’s pretty weak. It helps to beef it up a little with some more lye. I really like the BD-200 from Southside Equipment. It works well. Before the degreaser get some kitty litter and crush and grind it into the stain with your shoes or boots. Do this repeatedly and let the powder sit for a few days. It should help even if the stain is a year old. After that rinse away and try the degreaser. A scrub brush will help. I doubt you’ll get 100% of the stain out but you can make it look much better.


doesn’t look great now, but not horrible. Am I correct in thinking that the concrete color coming in the large pour batch that there is little risk of washing out, and ending up with a much lighter patch or even worse a white patch in my sea of tan concrete?

Try and find an inconspicuous area to test on. It can lighten up if it’s the powder they throw down after pouring but I don’t think it will lighten up if the stain was mixed in with the concrete. It’s always best to test first though.

I will test a spot to be safe, but definitely came out of truck tan, thanks