Citra Bright?

A couple years ago I had a house with really bad fallout and the local PW store suggested Citra Bright. Obviously it didn’t work and it has sat in my garage since.

Is there an actual use for the stuff for general pressure washing?

You mean the pool and spa cleaner Citra Bright?

Man I don’t know, it came in a 5’er and the label peeled off a while back.

Looks like an aluminum brightener

I don’t guess there’s a use for it besides the big rig guys.

Throw it out , We truck washers hate using it but have to on polished aluminum, It doesn’t dull polished aluminum, so we 2 step it along with a gentle soap to wash @ 1200psi on highly polished rigs.
You could use it as a household cleaner though, or neutralize a deck after SH.

I use Alum Brightener on the mud stains that splash up on the siding and don’t come out with a normal wash.

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