CigarCitySoftwash Chems?

Has anyone here used their chemical line? Specifically their knockoff “pro cleanse BC” and their knockoff of onerestore that I seemingly can’t find on their website today after looking at it 2 days ago? They have a Rust Pro product that says it contains hydroflouric and sulfuric acid, I wonder if it would work as well as f9 barc when just oxalic acid isn’t cutting it. Their prices are much cheaper than the ‘brand name’ alternatives. Anyone tried their Efflo?

Asking because I was going to pick up some gold assassin from them and was wondering if I could save on both the product and shipping.

Hello Slime!

Justin here with Cigar City. My apologies on the very delayed response, this post was just brought to my attention today.

Our line of chemicals is manufactured by ITD. Most chemicals you see for sale are manufactured by ITD but white labeled with different names. We chose not to white label the ITD line as it just adds more cost to the product and is just another name in the marketplace.

You are more than welcome to call the shop anytime with a product from a competitor and we’ll be able to let you know if it’s the same or not.


Cigar City Softwash

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