Chronic cough

Just wondering if any of you have developed a chronic cough from washing? I have checked the forums and have not seen much about it. I see where people use mask. Do you think the SH or mildew may cause this problem, never had this problem before washing three years ago.

Allergy season is starting.

When you “disturb” mold it spores off looking for a new home. We do air samples in rooms at work and if we send the janitors in to clean mold and do an air sample that day or next we always see a very large spike in spore count. I would suggest wearing a mask and see if it passes. Maybe consult with your dr as well.

All year long even when not washing. Doctor said there is no problems with lungs or chest.

It could be acid reflux. I had a cough for months and it wasn’t until I got my reflux under control that it went away.

How about acids. You using any?

That will definitely cause it.

I cough all the time. It could be in my head but I feel like the SH is affecting me. I have started wearing a respirator, glasses, gloves and a hat on all my jobs. If nothing else I have noticed that I am much more relaxed and comfortable when working.

I always felt like I was dodging the spray and squinting trying to avoid the mist. I really feel like I am better off wearing the PPE.

I never wore any safety gear when I was a framer, I pay for it now.


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I wear protection, also.

Just can’t take that bleach.

Just bleach and Gain.

Can you have acid reflux without knowing it? I never have heart burn or anything like that.

Not sure if this is 100 percent the culprit but Gain will eventually bite you in the rear one way or the other.

Yeah you can. I didn’t either. It’s called silent reflux. One of the biggest problems is that it’s hard to diagnose without some slightly invasive tests, so most docs will just tell you to take an OTC PPI or H2 blocker and see if you improve.

Im no doctor. But, last few years i started suffering post nasal drip. Happens in sleep, dries to esophogus(spell). About an hour after I wake, I hack like crazy and feel like im fighting for breath for hours. Started otc med and im good now.

Also, @AquaTeamPowerWash may be right. That list affects everyone different. Try another surfactant for a few weeks.

Bleach. They are not all equal. The so called inert ingredients and scents may be affecting you. I would change up the mix program one piece at a time until you rule out the culprit. Dont rule out spring. Invasive plants change our allergy program every year! Best luck.

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Sound just like me, also I am not a full time washer, just spring, summer and fall.

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Great information. Thanks

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Not that gain

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