Christmas Light Installation - Supplies, Trailer, and How To Install Gilbert Plugs


:+1:t2: you’re very personable and real, I enjoy your videos mate!

Laughed at the food menu delivery :joy:

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Lol. Thanks man. My step mom is a saint.

Great info man. Question, do you make custom extension cords also?

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Yes. It’s easy with the zip cord and Gilbert plugs.

Gotcha. So it’s a smaller gauge, I mean heavy duty type, i want to connect done stuff in my garage so i was thinking about cutting my own to the length i need

But for those lights, that seems like the perfect type, although I wonder if you need a specific gauge to supply the whole job, which brings me to my next question. when you do these roof lines, is it all plugged into one outlet or multiple?

It’s a great video…as always… I’m just upset with the missed opportunities… we gotta get you to start editing the clips…like when you opened the bucket toilet… and you didnt put a clip of cousin Eddie immediately after it!!!


Safety Chris says quit putting electrical equipment in your mouth lol

Also a safer way (in my own opinion) to dead an end is to split the wires about an inch. Cut one side off at the split. (You will then have one longer wire than the other.

Tape around the short side a few spins then fold the longer side back over and tape it again.

This makes sure that even if the tape comes off they are not the same length wire and can’t touch or arch.

I actually got called to a house fire last winter. Long story short we ended up ripping the guys deck off his house. He had Christmas lights around the rails and they were loose. The wind was bad this particular night and the wind smacking the wires against the rails caused a short. And this lit his deck on fire…

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I don’t see any of the links in your zip cord or socket cord. Do you have a ewing irrigation around you?

I haven’t added them yet. Unfortunately got stuck replacing a ball joint that failed on me on the road yesterday. Had to replace both. Long day. It’s on my to-do list for this weekend.

I love that movie. When the old guy says the little lights aren’t twinkling and Chevy Chase says “Thanks for noticing.” I stole that line for regular usage at about 16 years old.

Now when someone says “that’s huge.” Or “that’s not right.” I drop it on them. Love it.


Have you had any trouble issues like blowing fuses ?